What is a Live Tv Streaming Devices?

A Live Tv Streaming Devices allows your Home Theater or a Television to stream music, movies, and TV shows via the Internet. Nowadays, these Devices come with a built-in Wi-Fi feature for wireless network connections and a dedicated Remote Control.

How do Streaming Devices Work?

In a streaming media device, the progressing data is a stream of data from a server. The decoder is a plugin that acts as a part of the Web browser. The work combination of the Server, Data Stream, and the Decoder allows the user to watch the broadcast. The Streaming device requires only a few connections like Video, Audio, and Ethernet Networking Jacks.

How to Use Streaming Devices?

The basic requirement to use the Live Tv Streaming Devices is an HDTV, a broadband internet connection and a Home Network. They support both Wired and Wireless connection. You need to subscribe to view videos from certain live streaming Services like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or Netflix. However, streaming options like YouTube and Vudu are an exception.

What is a Streaming Media Player?

The Streaming Media Player allows the user to stream content directly to the TV or via Mirroring to access the apps without the limitation of a small screen. It has the potential to share and view the photos on your local network, flash memory cards, or USB-based external drives.

What are the Best Media Streaming Devices?

The best media streaming device should have a wide variety of new features like 4K Ultra HD, HDR. This is supported by most of the primary content providers. Some of the recent Streaming devices that support High Dynamic Range Amazon Fire TV Cube, Roku Streaming Stick +, Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast, etc.


Apple TV is an HDMI-reliant source device. It lets you watch the new movies and favorite TV shows in 4K HDR with a crisper picture and an immersive sound from Dolby Atmos. The device cannot be controlled integrally and can only be managed externally.

Live Tv Streaming Devices


Roku is a pioneer in streaming content for your TV. You need to maintain a Roku account to stream your favorites. It is simple to set-up and easy-to-use. There are potential features like Roku Search that makes it effortless to find what you need for Live Tv Streaming Devices.

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NVIDIA provides world-class performance in streaming media as its versatility and speed set a standard high. It is a Streamer, DVR, Media Server, Game Console, and Smart Home Hub with Voice Assistants.

Live NVIADIA Streaming


Netflix is the best movie live streaming service which is ideal for Film buffs. It is compatible with a different range of devices and offers a good range of TV shows inclusive of the current series. It provides the downloading facility to view content in the absence of Internet Access.


The Amazon Fire Stick connects you to the world of online entertainment. You can start streaming movies, TV shows, and songs from Amazon Prime, Netflix and many more services by using the Amazon Fire TV Stick on your HDTV.

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Chromecast is a hardware device that permits to cast content on your Live TV Streaming Devices over Wi-Fi. It does not require any Subscription.

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How to Setup your Roku Streaming Player?

The Roku setup begins with installing your ROKU device (Player/Stick) to your TV.

  • Plug the ROKU device to the HDMI port of the TV.
  • Attach the live streaming Player to a power source.
  • Specify the HDMI slot on the TV screen to which the Roku Player is inserted.
  • Choose the language and connect the device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Complete the ROKU Software Update.
  • Pair the Remote with your TV and activate your ROKU account.

Quick-Start Guide to Easy Android TV Box Setup

  • Connect the Android TV Box with your HDTV using the HDMI cable.
  • Provide Internet Connection to your device.
  • Add the Google Account to update pre-installed apps and sync data.
  • Install the Aptoid App Store to access a bunch of apps.
  • Head to the Settings page and look for any new updates.
  • Create a VPN to stream private and access content from anywhere.

How do Streaming Devices Connect to Internet and TV?

The Streaming device turns a regular TV to a Smart one. Connecting the device to the TV depends on its form. A Streaming Stick can directly be inserted to your TV, and the Streaming Boxes require an HDMI cable for connection. The streaming media access the Internet via the Wired or Wireless connection. For a wired connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Router/Modem with the Live Tv Streaming Devices. For a Wireless Settings, head to the Network section on your TV and select the name of your Network. Mention the Password and follow the steps on the screen.

How to Connect my Mobile Device to TV Using an HDMI Cable?

  • The basic requirements to connect the Mobile Device to your TV are an HDMI Cable and an OTG USB Adapter.
  • Insert the Micro USB Port of the Adapter into the Mobile Device.
  • Provide Power Supply and link the HDMI cable to the Adapter.
  • Now, insert the HDMI cable into the HDMI connection at the back of your TV.
  • Power ON the TV and choose the channel.
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How many Devices can you Stream on Hulu?

You can add as many devices as you want to your HULU account. But you can stream from only one Service at a time. You cannot stream the application simultaneously on two devices.

How many Devices can Stream DirecTV Now?

DirecTV permits users to stream two devices simultaneously. This gives you a series of Live TV channels on subscription.

How to Connect Your Streaming Device with Ethernet?

If you want to have an Ethernet work with the Live Streaming Devices, then plug in the Ethernet Cable to a port of the Ethernet Adapter that suits your Device and the other end to an available Ethernet Port of your Modem or Router. Head to the Settings segment and click the Network option to check if the device is linked to a Wired Connection.

Evolution of Live Streaming Video Services

With the evolution of Live Tv Streaming Devices services, cable/cord connections have become very hectic to maintain. Hence consider the following to quit using cables for online streaming.

  • Purchase an HD Antenna.
  • Consider a cable Replacement Service.
  • Choose the Best Streaming Player.
  • Check your Smart TV if you require any additional hardware.
  • Subscribe to your preferred Streaming service.
  • Start streaming your favorite content from your device.
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How to Jailbreak a Streaming Device?

The Streaming device cannot access specific contents on your TV without a premium subscription. You can perform Jailbreaking and watch videos. First, you need to enable the Third Party Access on your device and install the KODI software from the Downloader app. You can start streaming videos on the Kodi app. You cannot Jailbreak on Streaming devices like ROKU. However, you can watch the content by Screen Mirroring or Casting from your Mobile or PC.

How to Stream Audio to Multiple Devices?

You cannot stream audio to multiple devices at the same time. You can add as many audio devices and switch between them, or you can make use of third-party applications to stream audio in multiple devices.

How to Stream Bluetooth to Multiple Devices?

Bluetooth is used to provide wireless audio and data transmission. Using this, you can stream content on multiple devices but not at the same time. Two devices that are Bluetooth enabled are paired to establish a communication link when they come within range of each other

How to Stream Amazon Music on Multiple Devices?

  • If you are streaming Amazon Music on one device and you switch to another, a prompt appears asking your preference to play music from the second device.
  • Select the Continue option to hear Music from the additional device and click the Cancel button to keep Live Tv Streaming Devices media on the first device.
  • To listen to Amazon Music from multiple devices at the same time, you need to download the audio before streaming.
  • Amazon Music can be downloaded to a maximum of four authorized devices on your Amazon account.
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How to Troubleshoot Streaming Media Devices?

  • Following are the solutions to troubleshoot the Streaming Media.
  • Restart the Fire TV device either via a Remote or by disconnecting the power cord.
  • Verify if all the Live Streaming connections are secure.
  • Check if the Network Connection is active and provides a strong signal.
  • Clearing the Application data will help in resolving intermittent playback issues with apps you use to stream Content on your Live TV Streaming Devices.
  • Calibrate the display screen if any part of your video is missing.

How to Troubleshoot a Streaming Device that is Not Connecting?

Streaming issues are caused by the hassle created by your Internet Connection of low available Bandwidth and mostly not related to the Streaming Service. Restarting the device, Internet Modem, or Router may resolve Intermittent connectivity issues.

How to Fix Streaming Issues on Alexa Services?

  • Your Internet Connection should meet specific basic needs to stream music through Alexa.
  • A minimum speed of 512Kbps is required for Streaming Music on Alexa.
  • Try reducing the Wi-Fi congestion.
  • Connect your Alexa device to the less congested 5GHz channel for lesser interference and better range.
  • Restart the Alexa Device, Router and Modem to resolve connectivity issues.
  • Check if these UDP Ports 123, 443, 4070, 5353, 40317, 49317, 33434 open, if you have a Firewall Network.
  • Contact your ISP, Router Manufacturer, or Network Administrator if you still can't stream on the Alexa device.
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How to Solve Video Issues on Fire TV?

  • The inconvenience while watching movies and TV issues on your Fire TV can be resolved with the help of the following steps below.
  • Restart the Fire TV by pressing the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously.
  • Diagnose problems with your Internet Connection by using the Network Status Tool.
  • Modify the Display and Sound features from the Settings Menu.
  • Clear the Live Tv Streaming Devices Application data for both Prime and Standard Video Apps individually.
  • Adjust the Scaling using the Calibrate Display tool.

Why no Device found Message appears when Connecting my Phone/Tablet to my TV?

  • Your mobile device needs to meet certain criteria to get connected to your TV.
  • The Mobile/Tablet should have the capability of Screen Mirroring.
  • Check if you have enabled the Screen Mirroring option on your TV.
  • The streaming media has to be compatible with the TV.
  • Both the devices have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi Network.

Common Netflix Error Codes

A specific error code gives a better idea of Netflix issues.

Netflix Error Code 10008

This code refers to the problems associated with Apple Devices. Restart the Streaming device, sign out from Netflix and sign in again. Ascertain that the device is linked to the Internet and receives a strong signal.

Netflix Error Code 0013

This indicates the problem with the Netflix data on the Android device. Try switching to a different network, restart the Live Tv Streaming Devices, clear the Netflix app data, remove and reinstall the Netflix application.

Netflix Error Code S7111-1101

This specifies the issues the cookies in the Safari Browser on Mac Computer. Clear the Netflix Cookies from the manufacturer’s site.

Netflix Error Code H7361-1253-80070006

This indicates that your browser is outdated. Refresh the page and then update your browser or try Netflix from an alternate browser.

Netflix Error Code 100

This code displays if you have an issue with the Netflix app or data stored on your device. Refresh the Netflix data on the Live Tv Streaming Devices.

Netflix Error Code UI-113

Check if the manufacturer’s site opens on your PC’s browser. If so, refresh the information on your device and try again.

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

This code indicates that there is an issue with the Netflix data on your device. Clear the Cache to refresh the data.

Netflix Error Code NW 2-5

This refers to an Internet Connectivity problem. Verify if the device is connected to the internet or switch to Wired Connection.

How to Clear Streaming Connectivity Issues?

  • The most common issues of Streaming are Buffering, Low Resolution, and Stuttering. The root cause lies with your Internet Connectivity.
  • Make sure that the streaming media is connected to the Network.
  • Check if the Network signal is active.
  • Try moving the Router near your device.
  • Switch to Ethernet connection if possible.

How to Fix Streaming Issues in Apple TV Device?

  • If you face trouble on Live Tv Streaming Devices on your Apple TV, the first step to try is restarting it.
  • Press the Menu and the Home buttons simultaneously on the Remote to Restart the device.
  • Fix the Connectivity issues from the Network Settings on your Apple TV.
  • To resolve the video resolution problem, head to Settings -> Audio/Video -> Resolution.
  • To diagnose the Rebooting issue, visit Settings -> Audio & Video -> Audio -> Auto to Dolby.