Amazon Prime Error Code 9074 Roku

    The amazon prime error code 9074 roku occurs when a video is streamed on the Amazon Prime Video app from the Roku device. The major causes why the error code 9074 appears are listed below,

  • Technical Faults
  • Channel errors
  • Service outage
  • Roku device in the error state
  • Network sharing
  • Virtual Private Network and Proxies
amazon roku error code 9074

How to Fix Amazon Roku Error Code 9074?

  • Verify the status of the Amazon Prime Video app: First, check the status of the Amazon Print Video application. Confirm whether your Internet connectivity is working properly.
  • You can also use the Down Detector web page for verifying whether there are any issues with the application. Before the configurations of your Roku device are altered, you can try power cycling the entire setup of the Roku device.
  • Power cycling is the process in which all the cords that are connected to your devices. After the power cycle is done, all the temporary configurations in your device get erased.
  • The default configurations will be applied once the device is turned on. Start the reset process by switching off all the devices that are switched On. Remove the power outlet from each device and then hold the Power button for at least fifteen to forty seconds.
  • Release the Power button and allow the device to be in the Off state for around ten minutes. Replug all the cords and then power the Roku device up. Go to the Prime Video app and then check if the amazon prime error code 9074 roku is resolved.
  • Turn Off all the Proxy Services and VPN connectivity. Reset the channel in your Roku device. Go to the Roku Channel Menu and go to the Prime Video channel.
  • To Solve Amazon Roku Error Code 9074, Select Channel Options, else utilize the shortcut available on your remote. Select the Remove button and after it is done, restart your Roku device.
  • Now, switch to the Channel Store and then search for the Prime Video app. Click on the Add Channel option and launch the Amazon Prime Video application.
  • Sign out the Roku device from your Amazon account. Proceed to the official website of Amazon and then open the Settings window. Go to the Digital Content section and then select the Manage your Content and Devices option under the Digital Management tab.
  • Click on the Your Devices button on the dialog box that opens on your screen. All the devices which are linked to your Amazon account will get listed on the window.
  • Find the name of your Roku device and then click on the Deregister option. Power cycle your Roku device and then switch to the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • After the application is loaded, select the Menu/Settings option and then choose Help & Settings tab. Now, choose Sign Out, and click on the Sign Out option again.
  • Once the Roku device restarts, add the Amazon account again. Add your Amazon channel and check whether it is working properly; this indicates that the amazon prime error code 9074 roku issue is rectified.