How to Turn Off Roku Express?

Roku Express series is connected to the system or Television with the help of USB cable. Let see How to Turn Off Roku Express with the help of the steps mentioned below.

How Do I Turn Off Roku Express with Remote?

  • Roku Express is not required to turn it off with the help of remote.
  • If you turn off the television, the streaming device is also powered off.
  • But, when the TV is the ON state, then the device reboots to get all the features.
  • If there is not enough power supply for your streaming device or the USB port is not working correctly, use an AC adapter to turn it on.
  • The device will be in the ON state until the AC adapter is plugged in.
  • If you wish to turn off the device, detach the AC adapter from the wall socket.
how to turn roku express off

How to Turn Roku Express Off - 2017?

Unplugging the Roku power cable from the wall is the best way to turn off the device. If you have plugged into a power strip, you can turn off the strip instead of unplugging it.

  • There are many possible ways for How to Turn Off Roku Express.
  • The most common way to turn off a Roku is to unplug its power adapter from the wall outlet.
  • If you have the Roku plugged into a power strip, then you can turn off the strip instead of unplugging the cord.
  • If you connect a Roku into a Smartplug, you can use a Smartphone or Amazon Echo to turn off the plug.
  • Use the USB power shutoff option.
  • If you have a Roku that is powered through a USB cable and you are using a power capable USB port on your TV to unplug the cable.
  • Turn off the Roku TV by unplugging the power cable of TV from the wall outlet.
  • Restart Roku by unplugging the device and plug it back in.
  • You can also restart Roku by using the Roku remote.
  • To do so, hold the remote and press the Home button five times in a row.
  • Press the Fast Forward button two times.
  • Another alternative method is to restart Roku from the main menu.
  • On your Roku TV or player, you can put the Roku in the Standby mode by holding the power button on your Roku remote.
  • If you want to turn your Roku back on, press the power button again.
  • For further information, follow the instructions that are given in your user manual.

How to turn off Roku Express Plus?

  • The Roku Express Plus device is a gadget that is designed in such a way that it cannot be switched off with a physical Power button.
  • It is designed this way so that software updates are processed automatically without interrupting your usage of the device.
  • You can Power off the Roku Express Plus through the Home button on your Roku remote for How to Turn Off Roku Express.
  • From the list of options, choose Settings ---→ Power ---→ Auto Power OFF
  • Now the Roku device will be automatically turned off after half an hour of inactivity.
  • Alternatively, select the Power Off setting to turn off the device instantly.
  • Another way to turn off the Roku device is by connecting it to a power strip with a switch.
  • Now you can turn on the device by pressing the switch on the power strip.


The only possible method to turn off Roku Express 2018 is by unplugging the power adapter or USB from the electrical source. The greatest disadvantage in turning off the Roku is by rebooting the device. This helps you turn them on and freshly log into the services that you have subscribed.

  • Roku devices cannot be switched on or off as they are built in such a way they download updates continuously.
  • Hence to turn it off, you need to unplug the device.
  • Detach the power adapter from the AC outlet.
  • In case of a surge protector, switch it off instead of disconnecting the power cord.
  • If you have connected your Roku Express 2018 via USB, turn off the TV, and the Roku device turns off automatically.
  • However, it is recommended to leave the device in standby or sleep mode to protect the information and download & install updates.

How to Turn Roku Express Off 3700X?

How to Turn Off Roku Express 3700x? It is very simple as you need to unplug the power adapter or the USB cord from the electric source. This process is similar to resetting. You need to set the information again when you turn the device on.

  • In case of an AC outlet, unplug the power adapter inserted into it.
  • Removing the power cord from the Power Strip or Surge Protector will in turn off the TV, which in turn shuts the Roku Express 3700x.
  • If you have plugged your Roku into a Smart Power Strip after a period of time, the power gets disabled.
  • You can use your Smartphone or Amazon Echo to turn off the plug in case you have plugged the Roku into a smart plug.
  • It is not recommended to turn off a Roku device as it is designed to be active to get updates constantly.
  • It is better to put in Sleep mode rather than turning it off.


  • The Roku Express 3710 can be turned off with the help of the instructions that are specified on this site.
  • The initial step is to verify if the streaming player is connected to the TV.
  • If so, then unplug the USB cable from the TV. This will power off the Roku player 3710.
  • There is also an alternate method to turn off the Roku device.
  • Check whether it is connected to the power supply.
  • If yes, then disconnect the Roku player from the power source.
  • However, the Roku player has to reboot each time it is turned on.
  • Disconnecting it from the power supply will save more energy.

How to Turn Roku Express Off - 3900?

No specific methods are available to power Off the Roku streaming device. However, you can turn ON the Auto Off feature or disconnect it. The instructions on How to Turn Off Roku Express 3900 streaming player are as follows,

  • A device used for streaming content when connected to the Internet is Roku.
  • Powering Off the Roku Express 3900 must be done to save power.
  • Once you unplug the Roku device, the next time you turn it On, all the update process will take place.
  • If you have connected the Roku Express 3900 into your television, disconnect it.
  • If an HDMI cable is used, remove the same from the HDMI port.
  • Now detach the AC power adapter from your Roku Streaming Player.
  • Another easy way of turning Off the Roku is by connecting the device to a Wi-Fi enabled outlet.
  • Now, you can power Off your Roku device using your mobile phone.

How to turn off Roku express 3910?

You can turn off your Roku express 3910 by pressing the Power button. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to turn off your Roku express 3910.

  • Power on your Roku device and go to the Settings menu.
  • Click the System menu and select the Power option.
  • A List of options will get displayed on the Power screen.
  • To shut down the Roku TV for 30 minutes, select Auto power off.
  • To reboot the entire system, click the System Reboot option.
  • Now the system gets rebooted,
  • To turn off USB-powered Roku players, unplug the AC adapter from the Roku device.
  • Another way for How to Turn Roku Express Off 3910 is to disconnect all the cables from the device and the wall outlet.
  • To turn off your Roku TV, follow the steps given below.
  • One way is to turn off the TV.
  • Another way is given below.
  • Go to the Settings menu, select Systems, and then click the Power option.
  • You will find the Auto Power savings option on the Power menu.
  • In the Auto Power savings tab, few options will be displayed.
  • Click the Standby LED option for How to Turn Off Roku Express 3910.