Plex Roku Problems

  • Check whether the Wi-Fi network to which the Roku device is connected is working properly. Connect a smart device to this Wi-Fi SSID and check whether the device is able to connect to the internet over this network. If so, it means that there is a Plex Roku Problems.
  • Go to the Advanced Options on your Plex Roku app and set the 'Allow Insecure Connections' option to Always. Doing this solves the streaming issues on the Plex Roku app in most cases. If it does not solve the issue, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Plex Roku application.

Plex Buffering Problems Roku

If there are Roku Plex buffering problems, you can follow these guidelines to resolve them.

  • Go to the Roku Plex application's Settings screen and then click the Show Advanced option.
  • Go to the Server optionTranscoderUse hardware acceleration.
  • You can also try disabling Direct Play by following these steps. Open Settings Media Toggle Direct Play off.
  • Click the Settings option at the top of the page. Click Debug Untick Direct Play. Click Save Changes.

After Roku 9.0.0 Update Plex Won't Load

If Plex does not load after the Roku 9.0.0 update, you can follow these guidelines to fix the Plex Roku Problems.

  • Open the Settings option in Plex System System Update. Check whether there are any Plex updates available and update the system if possible.
  • Power off the Roku device and unplug it from the power source. After a few minutes, reattach the Roku device's power cable and power it on. Check whether the Plex issue is resolved. 

Problems With Plex Server And Roku

If you face Plex server issues on your Roku device, follow these steps to resolve them.

  • Open the server's web page on your Roku device and then navigate to the Settings icon. Click it.
  • Select the Server tab at the top of the page and then wait until the Plex server looks for updates. If there is a Plex update, the server displays a notification for the update.
  • Install the Plex update if available and then restart the Plex server.
  • Replace the wireless Plex server connection with a wired connection and then check whether the Plex Roku Problems - Plex server issue is resolved.
  • You can also try connecting a smart device to the Wi-Fi SSID to which the Roku device is connected. If it gets connected, it means that there is a connection issue with the Roku device itself. Reboot the Roku device and then check whether the Plex server issue is resolved.

Roku Ultra Issue with the Plex

To troubleshoot the Roku Ultra issue with PLEX, follow the instructions given below.

  • Try to use the HDMI extender to connect your Roku device and Smart TV.
  • Check if your host devices support 802.11AC.
  • Adding DHCP reservations to your DHCP server will help the Roku TV to find the data easily while troubleshooting.
  • Try to optimize the video you wish to watch in the PLEX application.
  • Optimizing the video will slow down playback speed.
  • Restart your Roku TV and check if the issue has been resolved.
  • If the Plex Roku Problems remains unresolved, then contact the Roku TV or PLEX application technical supports.