• The Roku Error Code 003 means that the software update has failed. This issue might be caused due to several reasons.
  • Follow the guidelines that are stated below to rectify this error.
  • When the Unable to Update Software screen appears, tap the Try Updating Again option to start the process again.
  • The main solution for this problem is to verify the Server status of your Roku device.
  • Do not change the network settings before checking the server status.
  • Contact the manufacturer to know if there are any issues that are going on with the server.
  • Check any forums or other websites to know if the server is down for maintenance or other reasons.
  • If the server is down, wait till it gets back to the normal state and then try updating the Roku device.
about roku error code 003


  • When the update installation fails on your Roku device, this issue will occur.
  • To resolve this Roku Error Code 003, you have to modify the Network Security Protocol.
  • When you use the AES protocol, the Roku device will not be able to update the software.
  • To change the protocol, follow the forthcoming guidelines.
  • Find the default IP address of your router. It will be printed on the back side of the router.
  • Use the IP address to log into the web management page of your router.
  • Go to the Settings menu and select the Wireless option. Check if the security protocol is set as AES.
  • If so, change it to WPAK2-PSK. Click the Save Settings button.
  • Update the software again to check if the error has been sorted out.


  • Error code 003 depicts the software update failure error.
  • In order to sort out this error, you have to change the connection type and then try to update.
  • If you connect the Roku to your router via Ethernet cable, you will be able to install the update without any errors.
  • Obtain an Ethernet cable and attach it between the router’s Ethernet port and the Roku device’s Ethernet port.
  • Choose the correct input channel on your TV. Turn on the Roku device and make use of the remote to search through options.
  • Contact the technical team if these solutions do not help solve the Roku Error Code 003.
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