The Roku error code 01412 is displayed when the Roku device is not able to connect to the wireless network. The solutions that are explained below in detail will help you rectify the issue easily.


  • Once the error message appears on your screen, tap the OK button.
  • Wait till the check for the wireless network takes place again. Else, select the Cancel option, and proceed to check the status of your connection.
  • On your Roku device, navigate to the Settings menu and select the Network option.
  • Choose the Check Connection option to verify the connection status.
  • If the wireless signal is not strong, then a set of prompts will appear on your screen. Follow them to resolve the Roku error code 01412 issue.
  • In case if the Roku device is not connected, you will see the Set Up Connection option. Proceed with it to rectify the issue.
  • Check if you have specified the correct network name. If you have mentioned the wrong name, then you will not be able to connect the Roku device to the network.
  • Make sure the correct password for your wireless network is entered.
  • Next, examine whether your router is functioning properly. Contact the ISP to check if there are any Roku error code 01412 issues from their side.
  • Place the Roku device near the router. If there is a poor signal or low signal problem, then you will not be able to connect the Roku device to the wireless network.
  • In case of any interference, you have to remove the object that is causing it.
  • The proceeding solution is to restart your Roku device. Choose the Settings menu from the home screen and then select the System option.
  • Tap the System Restart option. Wait till the restart process is over.
  • Contact our technical team for any further roku error code 01412 queries related to your Roku device.