What Is Roku Error Code 403-102?

The Roku Error Code 403 - 102 is related to the connectivity issue. You can fix this issue manually by following the instructions given below.

Solve Roku Error Code 403-102

  • First, sign out from the Xfinity Stream Beta app on your Roku device if already signed in.
  • From the Main menu, select the Settings options followed by Sign out.
  • As soon as you sign out of the Xfinity Stream Beta app, you will be directed to the Get Started screen.
  • Set the initial settings and then try to connect with your Roku device.
  • If you are relocating the Roku device, check and make sure that the new location will allow you to connect with the Xfinity Internet service.
  • Now, navigate to the Roku’s main screen by selecting Settings Network Set up connection Wireless.
  • Select your wireless network from the displayed list and activate your device.
  • Check if you are able to connect your Roku device to the Wireless network.
  • If not, then contact the Roku’s technical support to fix the Roku Error Code 403-102.