Streaming Airplay Apple TV

Apple Airplay can be used to stream video, music, or movies from any Apple device to Airplay-enabled device. But, make sure to connect the source and the receiver devices on the same network. Do the essential setup and try to stream any content as you like. To know more about this Streaming Airplay Apple TV process, perform the procedures as given below.

How to Stream Airplay from iPhone To Apple TV?

  • AppGet a digital media receiver called Apple TV to start the streaming process.
  • Plug in the power cord into the Apple TV.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the Apple TV receiver and the Apple TV.
  • Turn on the Apple TV by pressing the Power button on the control panel.
  • Press Input on the TV's remote control panel.
  • Select the HDMI source from the input list.
  • Select the Language option followed by the Wi-Fi network input.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi network input password when prompted.
  • Click the Submit button to continue with the process.
  • Connect your iPhone to the same network to which the Apple TV is connected.
  • Open the YouTube app on your iPhone.
  • Choose a video or movie you wish to play on the Apple TV.
  • Tap the Airplay icon on the screen.
  • Choose your Apple TV when prompted.
  • Now the selected video or movie will stream on your Apple TV.
  • Similarly, if you want to stream music on the Apple TV from your iPhone, follow the steps below.
  • For Streaming Airplay Apple TV, Choose Airplay music and open it.
  • Choose the Music file you want to play. Tap the Play button.
  • Now the selected music file will play on your Apple TV.
stream airplay from iphone to apple tv

How to Stream Airplay from Mac to Apple TV?

Using the AirPlay feature, you can stream any content from your Mac device to the Apple TV. The easy guidelines on how to perform the streaming process from your Mac to Apple TV are listed below.

  • Make sure that your Apple TV has an HDMI port.
  • You can start configuring the settings of the Apple TV after you select the HDMI port from the Input menu.
  • You can link the Apple TV to the wireless network using the remote that was shipped with it.
  • Now, turn On the Home Sharing option on the Mac personal computer. To start the connection, select the Settings option on your Apple TV.
  • Click on the Computers button and then choose the Turn On Home Sharing option.
  • Now the Apple TV will prompt you to provide the Apple ID and the password.
  • You can type the mail ID and the password using the remote control. To stream contents, make sure that you link the Mac device to the network to which the Apple TV is connected.
  • To connect the Mac computer to the network, select the Wi-Fi icon available on top of the screen.
  • Choose the name of your wireless network from the drop-down list box.
  • Streaming Airplay Apple TV, To use AirPlay iTunes 10.2 or newer versions is required. Else, if you have the iTunes app already, make sure that you update it.
  • Choose the Home Sharing option on your Mac system from the Advanced tab and then mention your Apple ID and password.
  • Ensure that the Mac device and the Apple TV are linked using the iTunes Home Sharing feature.
  • Now the AirPlay button will appear in the Mac computer’s iTunes dialog box.
  • To view the list of AirPlay devices on the network, click the AirPlay button.
  • A video icon will be present beside your Apple TV.
  • Choose the model of your Apple TV from the list and start streaming by selecting the Play button.

Why Streaming Airplay Apple TV only Audio?

The steps on how to troubleshoot the Streaming Airplay Apple TV issue are provided below. The general solutions include resetting all the devices, checking for updates, and more.

  • Make sure that the AirPlay option is enabled on your Apple TV.
  • Ensure that that your mobile phone, laptop, or computer and Apple TV are on the same wireless network.
  • Restart your Apple TV by clicking on the Settings button.
  • Choose the General button and then click on the Restart option.
  • You can also restart the Apple TV by disconnecting the cables for thirty seconds and then reconnecting it.
  • Also, power cycle your wireless access point or network router.
  • Ensure that the device which is compatible with AirPlay is using the updated software version.
  • Make sure that you are using the right AirPlay settings.
  • Confirm whether your wireless access point is powered On.
  • Check if the Apple TV and the AirPlay compatible devices are kept within the range of your network router.
  • Go to your device and then tap the Settings button.
  • Check whether a blue checkmark is present beside the name of your network, which indicates that the device is connected.
  • Ensure that all the cables are correctly linked. If the error persists, reset the network settings.
  • Touch the Settings option and tap the General button, and then choose Reset.
  • Press the Reset Network Settings button and all the settings such as passwords, networks, and more gets reset.

Airplay stream iPad to Apple TV

The Airplay feature on iPads helps you stream audio and video content to any Apple device such as Apple TV, Macbook, etc. You can view the guidelines mentioned below to connect your iPad with Apple TV through Airplay to Streaming Airplay Apple TV from iPad.

  • Make sure your Apple TV and iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the iPad and perform a swipe up gesture from the bottom of the screen towards the top.
  • Now, the Control Center displays on the iPad screen.
  • Tap the Airplay icon. (It resembles a TV screen with an arrow at the bottom.)
  • A list of devices will be shown on the list. Choose the Apple TV icon from the list.
  • The content on your iPad will be mirrored to the Apple TV.
  • Adjust the Apple TV display settings to fill the display with the content from the iPad.

Stream PC to Apple TV Airplay

The content from PC to Apple TV can be streamed through Airplay from many 3rd party applications. Here are the guidelines to Airplay from PC to Apple TV using the application called Airparrot 2.

  • Download Airparrot 2 to your Windows computer from the Airparrot official site.
  • Follow the Airparrot 2 installer guidelines to set up the application for first-time use.
  • Click the Airparrot 2 icon located near the system clock on your Windows taskbar.
  • Click the media option and browse to find the media file you want to stream to Apple TV.
  • Choose Apple TV from the list of devices.
  • Now, the audio or video content can be streamed from Windows to Apple TV.

Streaming Airplay Apple TV Issues

If you face any issue while Streaming Airplay Apple TV, then you can fix it easily by performing some troubleshooting actions. Check if the source device and receiver device are connected to the same network. Make sure that the Apple TV has updated software.

Airplay Not Streaming Apple Tv 4k

  • To fix this issue, perform the troubleshooting as discussed below.
  • First, check if the Apple TV (receiver) and your iOS (source) device are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Make sure to turn on the Wi-Fi router.
  • Check if the wireless network is working correctly.
  • Check if the Airplay icon is displayed on the top of the iPhone or other Mac device screen.
  • Make sure that the Apple TV and other Mac devices are turned ON.
  • Check if the Bluetooth is turned on. Turn off the Bluetooth option if the Airplay is not connecting.
  • Update your Wi-Fi router’s firmware if it is outdated.
  • Update the firmware on the source device (iOS) and receiver device (Apple TV).
  • To update the iOS device firmware, connect your iOS device to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Navigate to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Select the General option followed by Software Update.
  • Similarly, to update the firmware on the Apple TV, go to the Settings menu and select System.
  • Click the Software Update option and select Update Software.
  • If the 4K Streaming Airplay Apple TV issue persists, contact our technical experts for further assistance.

airplay stops streaming to apple tv

  • The most common solution to fix the issue is to restart the Apple TV and the Mac device.
  • Also, try disabling the Bluetooth feature.
  • Most of the errors in the AirPlay feature gets rectified after you turn Off the Bluetooth connection.
  • For the iOS device, open the Settings window, select the Bluetooth option, and then disable it.
  • For devices that run on the Mac operating system, find the Bluetooth icon from the Menu bar and select it.
  • Tap the Turn Bluetooth Off option.
  • Once you have turned Off the Bluetooth connection, check if the error is resolved.
  • You can also use the Wi-Fi diagnostic software for fixing the issue. Locate and hold the Option key on your Mac computer.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi button and then click on the Open Wireless Diagnostics option.
  • Provide the admin name and the password.
  • A series of tests will be done to check what issue has occurred with your wireless network.
  • The error will be cleared once you see the Everything is working as expected message.
  • After the test completes, the Monitor My Wi-Fi Connection and Continue to Summary options will display on the screen.
  • If the problem continues, choose the Monitor My Wi-Fi Connection option.
  • If you are using an AirPort device, then update it for solving the Not Streaming Airplay Apple TV issue.